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The Eaglets is our psychomotor development program designed to give children of 2 & 3 years old the opportunity to build a solid foundation developing in the very early years of playing and enjoying soccer.​

The Eaglets consist of 6 seasons throughout the year (Winter I, Spring, Summer I, Summer II, Fall, and Fall/Winter) with each session consisting of 8 sessions once a week.


Our goal is to teach and develop aspects of locomotor movement with some basic soccer fundamentals while having fun playing.


Can kids of 2 & 3 years old play soccer?

Soccer class is not really about soccer

The kids in the class are between two and three. So there's really not that much soccer going on. ... If you just let a two & three years old play around in a generally healthy way for a few years, he or she will become a way better soccer player, even if they never ever touch a ball.

Friday & Saturday Location field: Escaya Park: 1501 Santa Diana Rd, Chula Vista, CA 91913


New Eaglet Fee: $125

Returning Eaglet Fee: $105

Include: 8 sessions

  • 1 Practice per Week

  • Thirty minutes session.

  • T-shirt (for new member only)

Practice Days Options: Friday or Saturday

Session Time: 5 pm - 5.30 pm or 5.30 pm - 6 pm (Friday)

                           10 am - 10.30 am or 10.30 am - 11 am (Saturday)


Step 1: Fill out online the Eaglet Registration Form & Submit

Step 2: Process Payment via Zelle (619.634.4135 - Ramiro Perez)

Our coaching staff is licensed and experienced. We strive to develop our coaches as well as our participants in an effort to export more soccer coaches to our community. Our goal is to continue growing and teaching our youth the fundamentals of the game.

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