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We welcome all families from our multicultural community. The first priority is to develop and maintain a fun, instructed training and healthy soccer environment while stressing sportsmanship, and player improvement. 


To provide an environment conducive to the development of the whole player through quality training, study and competition.


 As a soccer club we will endeavor to:

  • Develop and prepare our players for the future, both on and off the field.

  • Equally, if not more importantly, we reinforce non-soccer specific skills such as communication, teamwork, time management, responsibility, discipline and respect for all players.

  • Believe in the potential of all soccer players and seek to empower them with the self-belief to build confidence from the raising of soccer standards.

  • Strive to ensure all soccer players are given a balanced soccer experience and quality instruction.

  • Provide a positive environment for all soccer players to participate, enjoy and achieve success.

  • Allow all players the opportunity to play soccer. Everybody has the potential to play soccer and we will encourage everyone to recognize and aspire to play soccer.

  • Ensure all staff and volunteers work together showing enthusiasm and a professional approach.

  • The club will ensure that staff professional development includes soccer management and recognition of a good work ethic. This will help in the personal development program which leads to job satisfaction and achievable career pathways.

  • Engage the whole community to be involved with our club development and successes with a variety of effective alliances, partnerships and networks.

We are proud to represent coaches from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities and we currently have coaches from Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, and the United States. This collection of different coaches and their collective abilities and experience is what makes GEFC stand out from other club teams in the league.

The program strongly supports diversity among its players and strives to bond

an array of teammates through this beautiful game. 

For the younger players, we recognize the importance of their primary roles as

students and have maintained the academic requirements of our youth teams.

We wish to instill a sense of pride in our youth players in both their growing soccer

skills, as well as their high academic achievements.

  • We believe youth soccer players will be difference makers when it comes to improving the game.

  • We believe a more collaborative environment between coach, parent, club, and player is in the best interest of player development. 

  • We believe a strong and supportive community of level-headed and like-minded parents and coaches will inspire players

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