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The GEFC Competitive Team, it's the team soccer program for the mid and advanced player, where we will coach and bring the young player who shows not only good talent and dedication to play soccer, also a good attitude and commitment to academic education. We will expose our players to play in local Competitive and Recreational leagues. They can start from 7 yrs. old to 15 yrs. old, either Boys & Girls.


The objective of this program is to focus on technical, tactical, and physical development (balance, coordination, and agility) as well as soccer-specific skills. This curriculum will be implemented in an environment that will be fun,  demanding, and challenging, to build confidence and promote a love for the game that will keep the player engaged. 


When applying that term to soccer, Golden Eagles has a progressive plan to coach the advance of soccer and using age as a guideline, promote them to the appropriate level. We do not want players to lose interest because they are not being demanded and challenged. When they reach the top of their group at the level, they progress to the next level. We have a plan for your child no matter if he or she is 7 years old or 14 years old. We will take the child from inception and bring them as far as they want to go, whether that is college, professional play, or just for fun, we will be their guide and mentor throughout the process. 

Registration Payment: Each player’s registration will cost and include the following services and costs for Returning or New Player:

Each player’s registration fee will include and cover all the following costs from Jan – Dec:

  • Liability Insurance Field Rentals

  • USClub: Waiver Insurance and Player Cards 2024/25.

  • SoCal Team Fee.

  • One (1) GEFC Practice Jersey

  • Field fees for practice/training -- Jan – Dec (CVESD, SD City Parks & CV City Parks).

  • Field fees for weekend games (SD City Parks, Chula Vista City Parks, CVESD)

  • Spray Painting, Marking the field & maintenance for season games.

  • Administrative & office related costs.

  • Referee’s fee (ONLY Fall Season).

** Any Spring League Games Fee is not included ** Tournament Fee is not included.
** Coach Monthly Fee is not included.


The set uniforms must be purchased through the Club/Team order, minimum purchase required:

  • Home & Away Game Jerseys (customized).

  • Game short.

  • Game socks.

    Optional purchase: backpack player customized, warm-up set and sweater Hoodie
    ** The new set uniforms 2024 is going to be available from June 1, 2025.


All GEFC members can preorder NOW!


Registration Days:
Teams Boys & Girls born from 2017 – 2010: $650 - $600 (sibling)

  • 1st Payment GEFC Registration Fee: $250 - $200 (2nd or 3rd Sibling) Paid by 01/28/24

  • 2nd Payment GEFC Registration Fee: $200 - $200 (2nd or 3rd Sibling) Paid by 05/31/24

  • 3rd Payment GEFC Registration Fee: $ 200 - $200 (2nd or 3rd Sibling) Paid 07/31/24

    ** Through ONLINE registration (GotSports) 


Registration Payment Method: The preferred and convenient method is our online payments to: through Gotsports with Debit/Credit Card

(This allows for an automated reconciliation of funds and provides our members with the ability to track their payments online)

In the event there is a discrepancy with your payment history, you will need to provide proof of payment. It is important to receive a receipt with your payment, especially cash transactions. Your cleared check is an acceptable proof of payment. Retain all receipts until the season ends.


Coaching Fees:
Coaching fees of $70 or $85 serve to compensate the coaches for their coaching experience, time of commitment for practice and games, and equipment expenses.
directly to the coach. Please talk to your coach to get more information.


Tournament Costs:
Teams often elect to play tournaments before and after the fall season. All costs associated with tournaments are covered separately by the team’s players. The club will have one mandatory tournament that each team must enter and play. The cost for that tournament will be approximately $45 - $60 per player. Any tournament costs may be offset by fundraising or other means that can be discussed with the Board. Apart from the mandatory tournament, the team— along with their coach—will be free to choose which other tournaments it would like to participate in during the year. Each player is required to pay for all tournaments the team has decided to participate in during the season, even if the player may miss a tournament.


The Set Uniforms: Parent must purchase through our website that will link to the Vendor Supplier (Prime Sports)

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